How To Choose The Best Solar Panel

All of the electricity needs of your home can be provided by a solar power system if your house has the correct orientation to the sun and adequate space on its roof. Many homeowners who have been interested in using solar power systems in the past have not been able to take advantage of this technology because they either had limited roof space or were slightly out of alignment with the sun.

This meant that the solar panels may not have produced enough power to justify the cost of installation. The increasing efficiency and tolerance of sunlight angles of more recent solar panels has given some hope to these homeowners. Combining the solar panel with a 12 volt battery and charge controller is the most common application, making a 12v solar charger .

Which type of solar panel is best for home use?

These modern solar panels are better than those in the past because of improved technology and more advanced manufacturing techniques. Because of several different improvements, the solar cells in these newer solar panels offer homeowners better energy production than ones that were available just a few years ago. The main advantage of the newer solar panels is that they can generate more electricity from less sunlight.

This means that they can be effective at producing power for longer portions of the day.Because of this, they can be used to produce electricity for more hours per day. The number of hours per day the older panels could be used was more limited because they required the sun to hit them more directly. During the early morning and and late afternoon these older panels would generate little to no energy.
Best Solar Panel

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They were also intermittent on cloudy or rainy days since even though the sun was shining, it may not have been bright enough for the panels to generate power . In all levels of sunlight these newer panels will produce more power and so can help many homeowners justify the cost of installing a solar power system. This can also be good news for people who have homes with less than perfect alignment with the sun.

How many solar panels are needed to power an average house?

These newer solar panels will also allow the average homeowner to entirely eliminate their electric bill with fewer panels. Because there are fewer panels used, this will also mean the system is less expensive. For people with limited roof space, this can make a significant difference. To figure out how many solar panels you will need for your house, visit this Solar Power Calculator.

The newer solar panels also will also last significantly longer. Ten to fifteen years was the average life span of older panels. During that time they would produce their peak power for the first 10 years or so and then slowly degrade to the point of needing replacement. This was due to the gradual failure of the solar cells since as these older solar cells aged, they would start to fail.

The collection of solar cells would generate less and less energy as more and more of its cells failed. Because these newer solar cells are far more durable, they will last longer than the older versions and also generate more energy for longer as well. The homeowner will get to enjoy the benefits of solar electricity for many more years to come and this makes it an even better choice. A great way to save on the cost of solar panels is by building your own home build solar panel.