How To Efficiently Ship Products

All great businesses accomplish two goals, efficiency and quality. I’ll be the first to admit that it is extremely difficult to accomplish both. For most businesses, to be good at one of these means they must sacrifice the other. I found a product that can help you be efficient while still producing quality products simultaneously.

Fold-Under Labels
Fold-under labels save businesses time and money. They combine carton labels and packing lists together which makes labeling boxes a breeze. Since they are connected together this cuts down on printing time because you print both, the packing list and carton label, with only one pass through the printer. The best part is that you never make an error by accidently placing the carton label on a different box then the corresponding packing list!

How To Efficiently Ship Products

How it Works
Applying fold-under labels could not be simpler. You simply:

  • Print the fold-under label
  • Peel the label off the liner.
  • Fold the packing slip under the shipping label.
  • Place the label on the box. (shipping label on top)
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This is much faster than printing the shipping label, peeling it off the liner, securing it on the box, and then printing the shipping list, folding the list, placing it in a packaging slip, and then finally securing it to the box. (Turns 7 steps into 4)

Then, when the customer receives the shipment all they have to do is:

  • Remove the perforated top ‘peel strip’.
  • Lift the shipping label, detaching it from the sticky perforated sides.

Custom Jobs
Your company most likely requires a specific shipping label. Each companies labels have a slightly different style, rather it be colors, boxes, etc.. Fold-under labels are custom printed to fit your needs exactly!

My Experience
Since we switched to fold-over labels we have drastically improved are efficiency without any extra effort (which means we have not sacrificed are quality). In our shipping department we have went from a 2 computer, 2 printer system to just 1 computer and printer since now our carton labels and shipping lists are printed together. We have also reduced error as we never accidently place the shipping list on the wrong box anymore (since it is connected to the carton label).

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We are very pleased with this product, the only problem is that for some of our smaller packages the fold-under label is too large (as it must be sealed to the box on all sides, and we cannot use a 1” x 2” shipping list).
All-in-all this product is extremely helpful and I would recommend it to any company who is looking to improve on efficiency without sacrificing the quality of their work.