How to Save Money on Utility Bills?

Many homeowners are looking for a way to reduce monthly utility bills and a home solar energy system is a great way to make free power from sunlight. You can now reduce or even totally replace the power you buy from the local electricity company with home solar panels which are much more efficient and less expensive than they were even 10 years ago. For charging batteries, consider using newer solar panels in a do it yourself solar charger .

How Much do Solar Panels Save on Electricity Bills

Modern home solar panels are much better than those produced in years past in a number of ways and will last for decades with very little required maintenance. The main way these home solar panels have been improved is in the area of efficiency converting the sun’s energy into electricity. Modern solar panels can achieve nearly 20% efficiency and so you will not require as many panels to produce the same amount of power as you would with older panels.

A Great Way To Reduce Monthly Utility Bills

Since you will need fewer solar panels, installation costs will be substantially lower and you won’t need as much space. Homeowners with limited roof space will especially appreciate this benefit. Before, these homewoners may have been able to produce less electricity than required because they could only install as many solar panels as roof space permitted. Today they can meet their energy needs by generating more power with the same amount of roof space.

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Modern solar panels are also less dependent on being pointed directly towards the sun. One had to point the older home solar panels due south in order to maximize power output. In this way the solar panels have access to direct sunlight for the maximum amount of time each day.

Because of the severe angle of the sunlight, these older panels would generate significantly less power during the day, just because the house didn’t have a side facing due south. These newer solar panels are a boon for the many homeowners who have houses without a south facing side. A terrific set of plans for building your own solar panel is earth 4 energy.

How Do Solar Panels Lower Utility Bills?

The threshold at which these newer solar panels begin to generator electricity is yet another improvement. This generating threshold is the smallest quantity of sun needed for the production of electricity to start. Quite a bit of sunlight was required before the older solar panels would start producing power. Because of this, at sunrise and sunset or on cloudy days, the solar panels might not produce any energy at all even though the sun was out.

Because of the reduced generating threshold of the more modern panels, they can produce power for more days of the year and for more hours each days. This will allow the generation of power for more hours each day even if the solar panels are mounted in a less than perfect position.

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The combination of these improvements means more power produced for your home. By using free energy from the sun, you will be able to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the amount of electricity you buy from the local power company. If you’re interested in plans to build your own solar panel have a look at home made energy.
Utility Bills

A Solar Power System For Your Home

A solar power system for your home is a fantastic option if you want to lower or even eliminate your monthly electricity bill . The newest solar power systems are very affordable, extremely efficient, and easy to install. Recently, a feature called a micro inverter has been incorporated in some solar panels, and this may prove to be one of the most significant improvements of all. There are various kinds of solar inverters.

For the most part , solar systems have the same basic configuration. The solar panels are mounted on the roof of the home, or in a location where they will be exposed to as much sun as possible. When the panels are exposed to sunlight , they generate DC electricity.

The solar panels then route the DC electricity to an inverter, which is located in most cases near the home’s electrical panel . Devices in the home that require electricity use AC electricity, and the inverter converts the DC electricity to AC for this purpose.

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Previous solar power systems had long wires transferring the power from the panels to the inverter, and this cause a fair amount of power loss . Power loss is particularly troublesome with low voltage DC electricity. Previously, systems would be made with more power capacity in order to make up for the loss.

The answer to the problem of power loss has arrived in the form of solar micro inverters . Micro inverters are small inverters that enclosed within the panels themselves, converting the electricity on the spot. This makes solar panels more efficient, as you can generate more usable power with fewer panels. Once the electricity has been changed to AC, it won’t lose as much power as it travels along the wires.

This also means that you can now expand your system more easily, as you can increase the number of panels whenever necessary, without having to worry about upgrading your inverter. Solar panels with micro inverters are slightly more expensive, but the greater efficiency and savings that they offer mean that they’re a more economically sound option in the long run.

If a solar power system involves the use of batteries, it will also require a solar charge controller. The solar charge controller functions to regulate the power as it moves from the solar panels to the batteries.