Top Benefits Of Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing ? It is a form of advertising that a company hires a writer or write their own short articles with the aim that this will promote your business or product. Article marketing has many benefits over paid advertising. The articles are made for distribution and publication which means this can be seen both in print and online.

Soon, people will know who wrote the article because at the bottom there is usually a section of writer’s biography and / or signature, which shows the references and contact the person or company who made the article. If the reader liked the article, he can contact the author or the company, and this translates into increased sales. Article marketing has been used for a long time. Some say that this was first used when mass print became available. In printed form, this type of advertising has been used by entrepreneurs as a means of obtaining free publicity, as many newspapers initially offered their free web pages to be filled by this type of advertising, since their budgets were limited to remunerate writers for their work.

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Top Benefits Of Article Marketing

The similarity is not very different for online article marketing because writers can publish their work in different websites and put it on their own. The articles  are published on specific sites  known as article directories . The reason for publishing articles in article directories is because the directory owner puts advertisements  adjacent to the article and each time someone clicks on these banners the site owner get paid for the advertisement. The more traffic is achieved, both the owner of the free articles directory and the writer benefit  out of it.

Some websites give the writer the option to choose the type of advertising to be displayed on the page. If you do not like the choices, you can always go to the page without any advertising. There are differences between marketing of printed and online article. On the one hand, it is much faster to search for  information online with certain keywords. This means that if you are looking for a certain topic, you will be able to see what you’re looking for in just a matter of seconds in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing e.t.c . If you think that the articles posted can only be seen in articles directories, you are wrong, because many social networks can be used for article sharing. Examples of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Friendster. This strategy is known as Web 2.0 marketing.

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Some people say the increasing number of people who use article marketing has a negative effect, because it lowered the quality of the articles written. To prevent this from happening, you have to publish articles that are relevant and informative. Article marketing is just a way to promote a service or product. If you do not have enough money to market it using other means, this will be a good way to start.

In the article or your own website, the most important thing to do is to use relevant keywords in order to help Internet users find your site. For this you have to deduce what kind of words people type in search engines. If you are able to find these words it will not be long for you to get traffic to your site or blog and consequently obtain relevant sales for your business or product.