When Is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Consumers who are looking to purchase a vehicle wonder about when is the best time of the year to buy a new car. Knowing this information could save consumers money and help them to get a solid and dependable vehicle that will last them for many years into the future. Consumers who are in the market for a brand new vehicle should know that the automotive sales business is about timing. Knowing when dealers have to increase sales or when its time for them to get rid of old models is vital information for car buyers.

The End of the Year – Is December a good time to buy a car?

Automotive dealerships know that the Christmas season is one of the worst times of the year for consumers to buy cars. The reason being is that most people are spending their hard earned money on Christmas gifts and buying a car becomes a low priority. Also, since December is the last month of the year many automobile dealers are trying to get rid of vehicles in order to increase their annual revenue. Consumers might not have as much of a selection to choose from because dealers typically cut back on their inventory during the Christmas season. However, most people can purchase a vehicle at a really good price; especially if they bring a huge down payment and have their credit in order.

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When to Buy a New Car – The End of the Summer Time

The end of the summer is the time of the year that automotive dealers get rid of their current year stock of vehicles in order to make room for newer cars. This typically takes place around August or September which is another time of the year that vehicles do not sell well. Since auto dealers must take this type of action, consumers could use this to their advantage with purchasing a new car at decent price.

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Early in the Week

Most dealers know that people have to work throughout the week and that the best time for them to visit their lots is during the weekend. Fridays and Saturdays are their busiest days and Sunday afternoon is another busy time as well. However, the days of the week between Monday and Thursday are typically not a busy time period for automotive dealers. Consumers who visit used car lots during this time of the week could get a good deal on vehicles. Second hand car sales are an example of a car lot where consumers could get a good deal on vehicles by purchasing them during the early part of the week.

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End of the Month

Most car salesmen and dealerships have quotas and in order to reach their numbers they have to sell cars. At the end of every month most dealers are required to sell so many cars in order to get a bonus and to remain competitive. Consumers who can wait till the end of the month to purchase a vehicle could possibly get a good deal on the type of car that they desire at a relatively inexpensive price.

End of a Life Cycle and Design Cycle

Some auto dealerships will offer consumers huge discounts on vehicles that are no longer being manufactured or on models that are going to be completely redesigned. Vehicles that fall into these categories will usually be sold at a relatively inexpensive price. The only drawback is that discontinued models will depreciate in value at a greater rate than the average vehicle.